The Friendly Fifth


District 5 awarded the Shellie Milford Spirit of the Birkie Award


District 5 earned the Shellie Milford Spirit of the Birkie Award for over 30 years of service to the Foundation. Members from many District 5 Lodges assist with this worthy event each year. Their jobs include: baking thousands of cookies, registering children for the Barnebirke ski event, serving cookies to young skiers and their families, and helping to move materials across Hayward as needed.


In addition, other members meet and greet classic skiers at the Expo Center, and they distribute Sons of Norway materials. Cookies are donated to guests, but being frugal Norwegians, there is a charge for a good cup of coffee! Other members are involved in planning and preparing a luncheon for Birke volunteers and for the Ski Patrol staff.


We are proud to represent District 5 and the Sons of Norway each year as the Nordic lifestyle is celebrated in the Midwest. The American Birkebeiner has had participants from 49 states and 36 countries over the course of its operation.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Wille-Schlesser

District 5 Youth Director

2017 Barnebirke Overview

Mother nature sure played havoc with the Barnebirke this year, there was no snow anywhere.   The children's ski events were turned into running races and all of the kids had a great time!  The Birkebeiner was eventually cancelled as the predicted snow missed the Hayward area by 50 miles. The Birke was turned into a festival/party and everyone I met was still enjoying their time in Hayward!

A huge THANK YOU to all the cookie bakers in the district!  District 5 lodges really came through for us this year with over 1000 dozen cookies!!!  The cookies were enjoyed by everyone in Hayward, Wisconsin.  So many people stopped by to thank Sons of Norway for making cookies.  They all said that the Birke would not be the same without our cookies and looked forward to seeing us again next year!!

Thank you to the volunteers who were able to come to Hayward! Judy Ghasstin, Lusy Ghastin, Sharon Anderson and Hild Petre created a wonderful volunteer luncheon.  Mary Bennett and Asta Blanchar ran the Expo booth.  Diane and Don Overby and Aubrey and Clair Severson ran the cookie tent.  Cheryl Wille-Schlesser and I worked the registration area.  Andy Johnson and Geoff Wodell helped everywhere they were needed!  Thank you Birke Volunteers!!!

Machaela Decker