The Friendly Fifth

Leadership Workshop

During the Presidents Leadership conference, several presenters submitted handouts for the break-out sessions. Currently, you can access the files on this page.

On October 20-22, 39 key lodge officers from 22 Fifth District lodges attend the D5 President's Leadership Conference at Wonderland Camp in Kenosha Co. Wisconsin, coming from as far away as Knoxville, Tennessee and Chetek, Wisconsin.  SON International President, Jon Tehven, was the keynote presenter, and discussed "Characteristics of successful lodges."  District President Andy Johnsen led an excellent group problem solving session on "What's working for my lodge and what's not."  Linda Pederson, SON Fraternal Director and Jon Tehven talked about the positive aspect of the dues increase in that most lodges will get increased revenue for services they provide their members and how dues can now be paid on a monthly plan to make it more affordable and convenient.  Jon Grinde did a nice presentation on "Identifying and developing future lodge officers."  One lodge which had a lot of growth in the last few years shared their "lodge member recruitment ideas."

Lodge leaders learned in breakout sessions about developing a rapport with members of all ages, community service ideas for your lodge, special lodge events, lodge programming that reaches all ages, turning your lodge around-making it better-planning for the future, lodge fund raising ideas, community public relations and marketing, strategic planning and monthly lodge program ideas.  Darlene Arneson, D5 Secretary, did a wrap-up session on "what to bring back to your lodge - developing your action plan from this conference."

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