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Masse Moro Heritage Camp

What is Masse Moro? Masse Moro is a Norwegian Heritage camp with a rich history specifically created with a focus on sharing the history, arts and rich culture of Norway with our youth since 1979. Norwegian language is one of the key components to our program. Campers leave their American culture behind for 2 weeks and participate in daily activites in a hands-on atmosphere learning camp songs, Norwegian vocabulary classes, team sports, and a variety of traditional Norwegian arts, cuisine and Norwegian history.

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Join Us In the Woods!

   Masse Moro, the Friendly Fifth’s Youth Heritage Camp will be held at the Eau Claire County Youth Camp, adjacent to Beaver Creek Reserve this summer. The camp is located near Fall Creek, WI and will be held from July 15-28, 2018. District 5 campers from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, and WI are cordially invited to take full advantage of this member perk. Campers from Minnesota and the states of Arizona, California, Texas, and the District of Columbia also participated last summer, and we welcome others to participate!
Our camp is open to all who wish to experience a camp of another kind. Campers will partake in a variety of activities from archery to soccer, cooking lessons to cultural crafts, and everything in between! More importantly, campers will learn about themselves, as they explore their family’s heritage and network with others who share the bond of Norway in their ancestry. The cost for our all-inclusive camp experience is $800.00, a real bargain.
   Consider giving the gift of Camp to a young person you know! Local Lodges may provide supporting grants to their youth, and District 5 will add additional support up to $150.00 per participant. Deadlines apply. Please note: the number of supported campers may also be restricted by individual lodges. Check with your local lodge president for specifics.
Families may obtain registration materials by visiting the Masse Moro website: or by choosing: Dropdown menus will lead you to the correct links. You may also e-mail the District 5 Youth Director, Cheryl Wille-Schlesser at to obtain registration materials or to gather more information. I am available by phone: 608-219-4464. If there is no answer, please leave a voice message.
   Please know that there are scholarships available to District 5 youth, as well! These applications are also on-line. It is especially helpful to know whether a participant is a first-time camper, as some monies have been set aside for that purpose. I encourage our camper families to apply for assistance. Scholarships will be based on need; please be specific in your child’s application. The application information is held in highest confidence. This year gifted money has come from numerous lodges and families in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

   To quote a former camper, “Masse Moro literally opened doors for me. When I was applying for college entry and found myself competing against other worthy students for a place in the freshman class; it was the fact that I attended Masse Moro that made the difference.”

Cheryl Wille-Schlesser
District 5 Youth Director

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