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Nordic News introduces you to experts on Nordic and Nordic-American heritage.

It is a “radio show” produced by the Fifth District, on every Tuesday at 6:20 PM (Central), 7:20 PM (Eastern).

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3/2/2021: NO Nordic News Radio Show

2/23/2021 - Putting Up The Lavvu at the Sami Cultural Center.   Marlene Wisuri of the North American Sami Center gave us an understanding of Sami culture.  Sami is northern Scandinavia’s native people. Over 30,000 Sami immigrated to the United States, and most assimilated completely into Norwegian-American communities. Some Sami were hired to teach reindeer herders by the U.S. government to teach this skill to Alaska native tribes in the late 1800s. Duluth Minnesota’s North American Sami Center has a collection of Sami artifacts, including these carved reindeer bone knives. Learn more about Sami culture and traditions (37:17)

2/18/2021 - Nils Otto Tank was this week's Nordic News presentation.
Tank's wealthy father was the equivalent of Norway's prime minister in the early 1800s, and wanted Nils Otto to be king. Instead, Nils Otto rebelled, became a Moravian protestant missionary and eventually founded a religious colony in Green Gay, Wisconsin. He came to America in 1850 with $1.5 million in gold and bought land between what is now Lambeau Field and downtown Green Bay. Thanks to Gronnvik members Joy Bashara and Matt Agen, and Norse Valley members Karen Madrigal and Corey Olson for reading this story (15:04)

2/9/2021- Hardanger Embroidery. Donna Olson, Oregon, will share her expertise of a lifetime of doing this intricate needlework.  Donna Olson did an absolutely wonderful presentation about Hardanger Embroidery. It was one piece of "Hardanger eye candy" after another. Donna is teaching D5's newest virtual class which begins on March 4 and lasts for six Thursday evenings (6:30 PM Central / 7:30 PM Eastern). (51:05)

2/2/2021 - The Hardanger Fiddle Explained by Robin Fossum. Robin is president of Dovre lodge in Barron, Wisconsin and District 5’s representative on the International SofN Board. Robin has been a professional violinist and is president of the Red Cedar Symphony Orchestra in Rice Lake. Robin gives an excellent presentation to help you understand what is special about a Hardanger fiddle and its heritage and cultural significance to Norwegians and NorwegianAmericans. Because Robin lives in a rural area with poor internet connectivity, the audio and video quality of this program is less than ideal. In the Zoom screen, you see Robin (top center) showing off her Maltese dog Loki. (24:07)

1/26/2021 - Syn slagene (seven types of cookies)  Connie Aiello presented on ... Fattigmann, Knekk-Kaker, Brune Pinner, Sandbakkel, Pepperkaker, Rosette, and Berlinerkranser. Listening to Connie's expert cooking advice, it was clear why the D5 Cultural Director selected her to teach the upcoming virtual Norwegian cooking class.  (21:34)

1/19/2021 - "Current Events in Norway" by Dennis Flessland.
Dennis is Michigan’s Honorary Consul for Norway and a member of Norkap lodge in Detroit. Topics Dennis discussed included 2021 travel advisories and how to keep up to date on travel restriction news, new dual-citizenship rules, Norway being a member of the U.N. Security Council and its impact on Norwegian foreign policy, the recent avalanche near Oslo and more. (14,08) 

1/12/2021 - Sandy Brehl - Author of a World War II historical fiction book "Trilogy" (49:26)

1/5/2021 - Mike Palecek (Nordlyset - Racine WI) "Trip to Heg Park and Old Muskego" (16:45)

12/30/2020 - Jim Secora (Skjold - Palatine IL) "Northern Norway and Lillehammer" (31:28)

12/23/2020 - Mike Palecek (Nordlyset - Racine WI) "Onan Dahle - Norwegian Gold Rush Success Story" (15:55)

12/16/2020 - Sloopers First Christmas - Bill Injerd (Nordkap lodge - Detroit MI)
The Sloopers formed the first Norwegian immigrant colony to the U.S. in 1825 and settled in far northwest New York state. Bill tells the story
of the hardship they faced the first winter, with 52 colonists cramped into two log cabins
View it at:

12/08/2020 - Kreative Krumkaka - Mark Storsteen and Cheryl Miller (Nordlyset lodge - Racine WI)
Learn the secrets of making that wonderful dessert treat from a 30-year master, including how to prepare and ship krumkaka cross country,
different ways to spice up your recipe and how to make gluten-free krumkaka.
View it at:
12/01/2020 - Viking Age Animals - Their Descendants Today - Glenn Borreson (Wergeland lodge - La Crosse WI)
Learn about horses, cows, goats and sheep, most of which are living in isolated Iceland. Horses were important to Vikings as work tools and for
fighting. Cows, goats, sheep and pigs were food and clothing sources.

11/24/2020 - "Oleana – Ole Bull’s Ill-fated Pennsylvania Colony" 
World famous violinist Ole Bull wanted to help the common Norwegian come to the U.S. and bought a large tract of land in the Pennsylvania wilderness to start a colony. Problem was that Ole Bull was swindled by crooked land agents who didn’t really own the land they “sold” him. Ole Bull played benefit concerts to try to keep the colony going, but it eventually failed, and some of the colonists resettled in the Midwest, including northwest Wisconsin.
View it at:

11/17/2020 -  "Christmas Traditions in Norway"  Olivia Cook is a member of Vennelag lodge in Mount Horeb WI. Her talk helps us understand the cultural differences between holiday celebrations in Norway and the U.S.
View it at:

11/10/2020 - "The Norwegian American newspaper" - Lori Ann Reinhall (Editor-in-chief) (52:30)

11/6/2020 - No program- Election Day

10/27/2020 - Norwegian Naming Conventions by Carmen Collins Nordkap lodge in Detroit MI (26:44)
This is a must-watch presentation for anyone wanting to study Scandinavian naming conventions. It is great background information for genealogy or Nordic-American history studies.

10/20/2020 - Tracing Norwegian Immigrant Journeys by Kayak - Dave Ellingson is a Sons of Norway member in Edmonds, Washington. (36:46)
Dave shared phenomenal views of two of his kayak trips, one on the fjords of Norway and the other on the Erie Canal and Hudson River to New York’s Statue of Liberty.  It is a most unique story, which few people have ever experienced.  Dave is an outstanding storyteller with a great sense of humor, insight on people, mixed with an awe of nature and a bit of spirituality.  Ellingson is the author of Paddle Pilgrim books.  His website is

10/13/2020 - "The Sloopers" - Bill Injerd (Nordkap lodge - Detroit MI) (39:32)

10/06/2020 - Carving the Animals of Scandinavia (James Ray Miller, Valkyrien lodge) (1:01:38)

09/29/2020 - Norwegians in WI logging (Glenn Borreson, Wergeland lodge) (20:12)

09/22/20_D5 Photo Contest: Lodge Winners (38:50)

09/15/20 - Starting a New Lodge: Shawnee Skogen - One Year Later (Wendy Winkelman) (35:16)

09/08/20 - Norw-Am Genealogy Library (Dana Kelly) (27:58)

09/01/20 - Magnus Swenson: Norwegian-American Inventor (12:32)

8/25/2020 - Mount Horeb - Troll Capital of America (36:16)  (Cheryl Wille-Schlesser, Vennelag lodge, Mount Horeb WI) (36:16)

08/18/2020 - Rosemaling at Masse Moro (50:48) (Carol Bender, Elvedal lodge, Wisconsin Rapids WI) (50:48)

08/11/2020: Stavern Folkehøgskole: Norwegian Folk School 2019-20 (Mathea Diedrich) (48:31)

8/4/2020 - D5 Scandinavian Photo Contest Award Ceremony (23:48)

7/28/2020 - The Viking Ship sailed to the 1893 Columbian Exhibition - Samantha Simera Bamberger (Friends of the Viking Ship - Geneva IL) (30:33)

7/21/2020: Erie Canal: Immigrant Gateway to the West - Daryl Wunrow (Fosselyngen-Milwaukee WI) (29:16)

7/14/2020 - Viking Ship funeral - Debra Kraft (Nordkap lodge - Detroit, MI)  (21:44)

07/07/2020: Norskadalen Norwegian-American Cultural Center (Lori Dubczek)  (38:10)

6/30/20 - Norsk Museum - Norway IL - Dave Johnson (Cleng Peerson lodge - Norway IL)  (47:47)

6/23/20 - Norwegian Tales to Tell: The Art of Storytelling - Joy Bashara (Gronvik lodge - Green Bay WI)  (46:36)

June 16 "Joy of Norwegian Woodcarving"  by James Ray Miller: (46:44)

6/9/20 - Trip to Western Norway and Oslo (Jim Secora) (28:49)

06/02/2020: Coffin Ships -  Death on the Ocean Crossing and One Family’s Story (Glenn Borreson) (21:41)

05/26/2020: Ole Evinrude: Norwegian-American inventor (9:41)

05/19/2020:  75th Anniversary of the end of WWII in Norway: Eyewitness Accounts (29:40)

05/12/2020:  Project Heimatt: Norway Stave Church (Cheryl Wille-Schlesser)  (20:56)

05/05/2020: Norwegian-Americans in Michigan: A Short History (Nordkap lodge)  (21:45)

04/28/2020: Norwegian Midwives in the Midwest (Glenn Borreson)  (21:31)